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Thanks for reading our posts…I am a real person living and working in Kingwood, TX…always attempting to provide information and facts (sometimes) that will be of interest to those who read.

Marketing and online business building are important to me and I will do my best to post good content.

I am also a retired funeral director and you may know my earlier post were directed to planning ahead for funerals, etc.  That is still important but I was not sure if it was important to any of the followers…that’s the reason for the recent change.

It is always great to hear from you…blessing and peace on all of you.


Should You Renovate or Buy a New Home


Should You Renovate or Buy a New Home

Whether you have a growing family or whether you are just simply tired of the layout of your current home and suddenly find that 1.5 bathrooms is not enough to keep up with the demands of a home full of teenagers, you are probably facing a situation where you are considering the option of a remodel Before you dive into a contract with a general contractor, you may want to weigh the pros and cons of tackling a large home remodeling project. Often, homeowners find that they want to start fresh in a whole new home, which can be achieved by buying one of the many Houston homes for sale. – See more at: http://www.ziprealty.com/blog/houston-tx/should-you-renovate-or-buy-new-home#sthash.qSPmHX6V.dpuf


Why Plan Ahead?

Image  Why Plan Ahead?    

You never know what life will bring, do you?  Being prepared can make all the difference in the world to your loved ones.  You can give your family an amazing gift of love…a planned funeral.  Why?  Because you have always been there for those you love, and you can still be there for them, even in death.  I have some questions that you may ask yourself:

  1. Do you want to help those you love the most?
  2. Do you want to protect them from hardship?
  3. Do you like to have all your I’s dotted and T’s crossed?
  4. Do you want to provide for their needs?
  5. Do you want to have peace of mind?
  6. Will government programs help?
  7. But the real question is “Why Not Plan Ahead”?


I will share with you in the next several blog post responses to these questions.

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